some thoughts about forex industry and customer expectations


The short answer to that question is "No". We will go into our determination of this in the details below.

What is a Scam?

The Webster's dictionary defines a 'scam' as being "A fraudulent or deceptive act or operation".

Nowadays, especially since the advent of the internet into our daily lives, the term 'scam' has begun to be used far more widely. Products which fail to meet an individual's 'individual' expectations it often branded a scam.

This is particularly true with money market products. While nobody expects 100% accuracy with money market predictions, some may try a product once and if they fail to profit, brand the product (incorrectly) a scam.

All products need a little time to trial and perfect. Accurate Forex Signals is no different.

If you are serious about giving making money trading forex a try, then the most sensible approach would be to use fake trades to begin with (paper trading). When you are satisfied with your results, switch to real trades.

This, together with the low priced subscriptions on offer, means you'll know all you need to know about Accurate Forex Signals for just a few dollars and a few minutes of your time.

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Official Take On Accurate Forex Signals

Accurate Forex Signals has a business registration number, bricks and mortar offices, staff, registered phone numbers, permanent online presence, 24 hour support and pays its taxes.

Additionally we have performed comprehensive and criminal background checks on its key personnel using the USA Public Records Lookup services and found no suspicious activity.

For these reasons Accurate Forex Signals is not a scam. The question now is not so much whether it is a scam, but whether it is value for money or just another rip-off.

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Sales And Refunds

Private companies do not release information on refunds, however with a little digging we can get an idea how well products have been received by the purchasers.

In this case we were able to find data on Accurate Forex Signals through one of the larger sales networks, Plimus.

At time of writing Accurate Forex Signals was the fifth best selling of all listed forex service and top selling currency trading service. It has moved steadily up for several years, and last year moved up over 300 points alone.

Whether a product is a good seller is only part of the equation. We also need an idea on refunds.

We get an idea of refunds from the popularity this product has with its distributors and resellers. Distributors and resellers are very sensitive to refunds ratio.

Customers unhappy with service request a refund. Distributors and resellers lose money on wasted advertising and products fall off the radar very quickly.

Again, Accurate Forex Signals scores in the top three of all products listed, and is top choice service in currency trading for distributors and resellers.

This would indicate that Accurate Forex Signals gets very low returns, meaning more satisfied customers.

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As stated on our website, all payments are recurring (monthly, two monthly, three monthly, six monthly and yearly) unless you do not cancel it by the Plimus cancelation link provided in your receipt email or otherwise if you purchase a Lifetime membership which is just one off payment.

You acknowledge that cancellation of membership can be made at any time but that it takes 24 hours for a cancellation to be process. You must use the link provided by Plimus or contact Plimus Support ( for cancellation at least 24 hours prior to the cessation of the current membership period, so as to avoid the occurrence of re-billing. No future logins are possible after membership has been cancelled, irrespective of the amount of time remaining in your current membership period.

Refund Policy

Our 100% Money Back Guarantee can be requested within 3 days from the purchase, proving that following our rules you did not make any profit. In case you will contact us AFTER the third day you will get two options: a) a new free membership with one of our partners ( or for the same duration of your purchased membership. b) another one month for free of - no other refund request will be accepted.