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What pairs does AccurateForexSignals trade?

This trading system uses four pairs: EUR/JPY, GBP/JPY, GBP/USD and EUR/USD. Each pair has been profitable by itself during the last two years. According to the previous statement, subscribers can follow only one pair they prefer, or all the four pairs or any combination they like the best.

What lot size do you recommend?

Trade results are not dependant from trading size. Trading full lots, or mini lots results will be the same if considering pips.

when are signals sent and how often?

Signals are placed every working day at 6:00 am ET (time in New York city) in members area and by SMS and email at the same time.. Once a day only. System allows entering Trades since 6:00 am ET until 4:59 pm ET after this time any remaining trading order should be removed. Although not being a system rule, experience shows that system rarely enters trades after noon time.

What about trade entries?

System allows market to decide which direction to go. System provides two trading levels, one for going long and the other for going short. A long buy stop order and a short sell stop order are sent and remain alive until price goes through anyone of them. If price goes up and through the long entry level, then the long stop order will trigger and a long trade entered. If price goes down and through the short entry level, then the short stop order will trigger and a short trade entered.

What are your trade exit points?

Trades may follow three different exits:

        • Profit target.
        • Reversal trade.
        • Stop loss.
        • Time based.

What about your signals profit targets?

Each pair has its own target amount:

        • GBP/USD, 160 pips.
        • EUR/USD, 170 pips.
        • EUR/JPY, 130 pips.
        • GBP/JPY, 270 pips.

what is your strategy about reversal trade?

System enters long and short trades. System only takes a maximum of one trade to each side on a daily basis, one long and one short. After entering a trade into one direction, if price reverse pulling back against the position and going through the opposite trading level , system will enter the reversal trade during the rest of the hour it entered the first trade and/or during the next 60 minutes. After this time has transpired then we will not enter the reversal trade cancelling the order for that trade for the day.

As an example:
Long entry at 8:17 am ET. System allows entering the reversal short trade during the next 103 minutes. 43 minutes for the completion of the hour we entered (from 8:17 am until 9:00am) and the next 60 minutes from 9:00 to 10:00 am ET.

What about your alert stop losses?

After the reversal trade period has transpired, then system will place the stop loss orders for any ongoing trade. Each pair has its own stop loss amount:

        • GBP/USD, 110 pips.
        • EUR/USD, 110 pips.
        • EUR/JPY, 100 pips.
        • GBP/JPY, 135 pips.

what time should i close my trades?

All the trades which have not reached either its profit target level or its stop loss level during the trading session will be closed at 6:00 pm ET

should I change my broker to use your signals?

Not at all. You can use your own broker to use our alerts. But we strongly suggest you to use one of our Partner Brokers: Askobid or Avafx since if you open a new account with them and fund it you will get a 2 months membership for free ($500 USD deposit) or a LIFETIME membership (>=$5000 deposit).

are the spreads deducted from your performance?

Yes, they are.

how are the trades generated?

We use a proprietary price/resistance system based on the previous day volatility. The system generates high probability entry points for the next day, if the price trades at our entry point level most likely will continue to move in that direction.

is this a mechanical system?

Yes, of course it is a 100% mechanical system there is no room for subjective criteria following the trades.

with so many competitors why should i choose accurate forex signals?

There are many web sites offering forex signals, but only a few are honest reporting their results. We report the trades as they happen, with no hidden rules or subjective criteria. All instructions are given in advance, providing members full control of their trading. We focus to provide a system with stable results, low drawdowns and consistent performance. Most web sites get one " big" month to lose it over the next one or two with "bigger" drawdowns. In our opinion that's not a professional way to trade.

do i need a forex software to trade?

No, we don't use technical indicators, we give you specific specific price levels. You can send the orders in advance, no need to check the intra day movement nor complicated indicators to follow.

how do i cancel my subscription?

Simply send us an email to